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会  期|2024年3月21日(木)〜3月31日(日) ※月曜日は休廊

開館時間|12:00 - 19:00(最終日17:00まで)  

料  金|入場無料,予約不要

W e b| 

会  場|msb gallery

        〒103-0023東京都中央区日本橋本町1-7-9 西村ビル1F space2*3



このたび msb gallery では、サカイケイタの個展『曖昧を見る』を開催いたします。








本展では、LINE Seriesより新作を展示いたします。









LINE Seriesは都市に溢れる記号(道路標識やサイン)から着想を得た作品群です。


記号は情報を伝達する役割を持っています。記号から特徴的な色や柄を抽出しただただ反復させることによって、記号は本来持っている役割から解放されたかのように見えます。機能を失った記号はもはや記号ではなく、模様(パターン)であるにも関わらず、私たちはその単なる色や柄の集まりからあるはずのない信号を感知し、まるで何かを指図されているような不思議な感覚に襲われます。囚われていたのは私たちの方だったのか——? 日々の制作でサインや標識をパターン化する中で、人間の認知がいかに曖昧であり、個が捉える世界に偏りがあるのかについて考えさせられます。


本展ではLINE Seriesの新作を展示いたします。新作には色や模様がほぼありません。特徴を失い、記号だったはずの物が物そのものの状態に戻った時、認知の対象から外れただそこに在るだけの姿に戻った時、これといって見るものがなくなった状態でそれでもなお見えてくるものを見てみたくなりました。見ようとして焦点を合わせると途端に見えなくなってしまう、何か。見られることから解放された作品から浮かび上がるのは、自分の視線が作品を通り抜け地球を一周して背後から帰って来るような、認知の世界の曖昧さです。











msb gallery is pleased to present “Seeing the ambiguity”, a solo exhibition by Keita Sakai.


Keita Sakai has been creating works with an interest in cognition and its principles, using "human error" as a clue.


At first glance, the visual repetition and symbolism that frequently appear in his works seem to be in the lineage of minimal/op art, but their origins lie in his personal experience with dyslexia (a reading disability) and literacy. This is due to related errors (letters looking like patterns) and unique cognition (discrepancies in recognition when based on language).


Errors hidden within the work lead to errors, and at times the viewer feels anxious as if they are suddenly lost, and at other times, with a lightness and brightness that seems to be playing with words, the viewer is lured into a labyrinth of misperceptions.


His works are devices for understanding things that are "not really visible" through the visual world, and contrary to their pop and design-oriented appearance, they seem to be asking us fundamental questions about the proper meanings of "look/see" and "understand/know".


In this exhibition, we will present his new works from his LINE Series.


We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy his attempt by actually experiencing it through sight.





Artist Statement



LINE Series is a group of works inspired by symbols such as road signs and markings that overflow in cities. Symbols have the role of conveying information. By extracting characteristic colors and patterns from symbols and simply repeating them, the symbols seem to be released from their original role. Even though the symbols that have lost their functions are no longer symbols, but patterns, we sense signals that shouldn't exist from the mere collection of colors and patterns. A strange feeling hits me as if we were being instructed to do something. Were we the ones being held captive? As I create patterns for signs and markings in my daily work, I am made to think about how vague human cognition is and how there are biases in how individuals perceive the world.


This exhibition will feature new works from the LINE Series. The new pieces have almost no color or pattern. When things that were supposed to be symbols lose their characteristics and return to the state of things themselves, when they are no longer objects of recognition and return to just being there, I wanted to see what was still visible even when there was nothing left to see. Something that becomes invisible as soon as I try to focus on seeing it. What emerges from the work, which is freed from being seen, is the ambiguity of the world of cognition, as if one's own line of sight passes through the work, circles the globe, and then returns from behind.


The cognitive boundaries between “you” and “me” will always be shaken, and the uncertainty will be accentuated by the gaze of the inner other. I hope you enjoy the small errors caused by the new work along with the old work.



Keita Sakai

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